Physics subject is complex and difficult to understand from the point of view of many students. To make concepts even simpler and practice it in Satyam Sira more systematic manner, the Bihar born genius Satyam Kumar has made his deep efforts to help students digitally in many manner. Sir has written many books which are available on amazon India and amazon globally. Sir books has ebook Kindle addition. Sir has many videos on youtube to provide free education in Physics for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced preparing students. He already has helped many students to understand in depth subject concepts in the easiest possible manner. He is gifted with rare ability to simplify concepts and motivate the children how to solve complex problems in minutes. His main focus is to enhance the problem-solving skills in students.

Satyam Sir has graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Civil Engineering and has been teaching Physics for JEE Mains and Advanced for more than 10 years. He has mentored over ten thousand students and continues mentoring in regular classroom coaching Institutes. The students from his class have made into IIT institutions includes ranks in top 100.